Disrupting Discriminatory Systems

Training IntraHealth Leadership in Multidisciplinary Approaches

Program Area:

Capacity Building


USA, Tanzania, Senegal, Uganda, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Namibia

Providing workshops on legal innovation and human centered design to identify and disrupt systemic problems.

The Project


IntraHealth International is a global health organization focusing on health workers and their role in improving the health of women and their families, with over 500 employees working in 37 countries in Africa, the Americas, and Asia. ICAAD was invited to North Carolina to conduct a workshop for senior and country staff at IntraHealth International looking at how multiple systems (health and law) create overlapping barriers for women and girls seeking services for gender-based violence.

The sessions focused on approaches ICAAD used for its maternal health project in India, and medico-legal training and judicial reform work in Pacific Island Countries to combat violence against women and girls. ICAAD Co-Founders Hansdeep and Jaspreet followed their presentation by conducting participatory design exercises with IntraHealth staff, delving further into how approaches can be iterated and become sustainable. By sharing insights on how to link justice and health sector advocacy, ICAAD aims to foster greater collaboration with IntraHealth in the future.

IntraHealth staff recognized that beyond just focusing on the health system in GBV scenarios, “[t]he justice component is needed and we should more seriously explore a country application.”

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