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Under the bridge, the criminalization of homelessness

The Criminalization of Homelessness: A Modern Human Rights Crisis

Solving homelessness must start with reframing the challenge from an economic burden or
Prerana Bhatnagar

Spotlight: Prerana Bhatnagar

We are thrilled to spotlight ICAAD volunteer, Prerana Bhatnagar.
David McDaniels

Spotlight: David McDaniels

We are honored to spotlight our 2021 Intern, David McDaniels.

Finding Justice Within the Justice System: 35 Years After Batson v.

Batson is a crucial step toward justice but is clearly not enough to

Griggs v. Duke Power Company: A Case Study in the Supreme

It is past time to end the romanticization of Supreme Court decisions.

Racial Equity in NYC Public Schools: Where Brown v. Board Still

Brown v. Board made it illegal to segregate schools based solely on race,

Police Cannot Police Themselves Part II: Graham v Connor (1989)

In 1989, Graham v. Connor again tested the possibilities for police accountability at

Spotlight: Shannon Marcoux

We are honored to spotlight climate justice advocate and ICAAD Advisor, Shannon Marcoux.

Police Cannot Police Themselves Part I: LA v Lyons (1983)

What else will it take to reimagine public safety?

Ruling on Motion to Dismiss in Black Lives Matter D.C. v.

A stunning rejection of our constitutional values and protestors’

Racial Disparities in Facial Recognition Technology

The impartiality of technology is a myth.

Spotlight: Conan Hines

We are honored to spotlight our Senior Technology Advisor, Conan Hines.
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