ICAAD delivers an outsized impact by cultivating strong global partnerships, bringing together passionate teams of lawyers, data scientists, technologists, and design strategists to improve access to justice.

Capacity Building

Local NGOs and Governments can benefit from ICAAD’s expertise in institutionalizing best practices.

Disrupting Discriminatory Systems

Sharing a Systems Approach to Systems Change

Human Rights Education

Training the Next Generation of Human Rights Advocates

Stop Sexual Harassment

Combating Sexual Harassment Through Education and Consensus

Youth + Climate Justice

Indigenous Youth Leading Climate Justice in Micronesia


Amplifying Impact through Shared Resources in Developing Nations

Advocacy & Reform

Challenging systems allowing discriminatory laws, policies, and customary practices that fuel violence against vulnerable communities

Protecting Asylees

Refuge from persecution is a human right

COFA Negotiations

Equitable Outcomes for Compacts of Free Association with the United States

Advocacy & Reform

Advocates can work with our legal and behavioral design teams to reform discriminatory policy.


Promoting Access to Justice for Women & Girls

Anti-Racism & Anti Oppression

Strategic Action for Structural Change

Climate + Gender Justice

Imagining better futures at the intersection of climate migration and gender-based violence

Emerging Tech

ICAAD explores how transformational technologies can benefit human rights and social good programs.

Inclusive Artificial Intelligence

Re-imagining Human Rights in the Age of AI

Machine Learning

Translating human rights data into actionable insights

Virtual Reality

Behavioral Design to Reduce Bias & Promote Diversity

TrackGBV: Supervised Learning

Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Gender-Based Violence

Data & Research

Organizations can leverage our data resources to fill knowledge gaps to plan more strategic interventions.

Climate Change + Migration

Legal Reform for Those Most Impacted by Climate Change

Data & Research

Organizations can leverage our data resources to fill knowledge gaps to plan more strategic interventions.


Conducting research to identify bullying of marginalized children

SMS for Justice

Community Monitoring and Mapping to Improve Health


Data is Vital to Uncovering Patterns of Gender Discrimination


Artists can work with ICAAD to develop their practices to advance human rights and social justice through their work.

Artist-in-Residence Program

Expanding artivists’ tools for advocacy


Sparking legal activism through art & education

Exploration of Art & Discrimination

Artivist gallery exhibition and event

Interested in getting involved?