ICAAD is a human rights advocacy center working at the intersection of legal innovation and design justice. We use our expertise to help communities and governments to create a more equitable future.

Core Capabilities

Capacity Building

Local NGOs and Governments can benefit from ICAAD’s expertise in institutionalizing best practices.

Advocacy & Reform

Challenging systems allowing discriminatory laws, policies, and customary practices that fuel violence against vulnerable communities.

Human Rights Education

Training the next generation on human rights and providing tools that can be used to disrupt and abolish unjust systems. 

Emerging Tech

Organizations can leverage our data resources and explore new technologies to fill knowledge gaps and plan more strategic interventions.


Artists can work with ICAAD to develop their practices to advance human rights and social justice through their work.

Systemic Approach.
International Impact.

Collaborated with the Fijian judiciary to issue practice directives, informed by data, to all magistrates on improving access to justice and removing bias in domestic violence and sexual offence cases.

Collaborated with NGO Nazdeek in India to empower marginalized women resulting in improved health care delivery, reduced bribery, and more consistent food rations for pregnant women.

Built capacity for IntraHealth International’s Executive Team (an organisation with 500 employees in 37 countries) by sharing ICAAD’s systems approach to linking justice and health sector advocacy to combat structural discrimination.

Changed how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.) captures data on hate crimes in the U.S. by including vulnerable groups (Arabs, Sikhs, Hindus etc.) previously excluded on the Hate Crime Incident form.

ICAAD’s presentation of our pilot case law analysis before attorney generals of 17 Pacific Island Countries (PICs) contributed to amendments to sexual offence legislation in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.


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