In December 2016, Nazdeek and ICAAD launched the SMS for Justice program in Delhi to track access to vital services for women and impoverished people in in two communities, Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana (RRAY) in Baprola and Bhim Nagar in Nangloi. In its first three months of data collection, the program captured 222 verified complaints. These complaints included violations to rights for health, food, water, housing, and sanitation, and were collected by community paralegals who were trained by Nazdeek.

Following a similar model to the EndMMNow program in Assam, the complaints have been analyzed and combined into a report that will be used for advocacy with the government and local authorities.

Read the new report to learn more about the challenges the vulnerable face in Delhi, stories, infographics, and actionable recommendations:


View the real-time complaints at