As societies build walls of separation between communities, ICAAD works to remove each brick to illuminate our common humanity.

The International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD) is an nonprofit organization founded for the charitable purpose of eradicating structural discrimination globally, and to promote human rights norms consistent with public international law.Using high impact strategic litigation, coalition building, leveraged partnerships, and international law, ICAAD strives to combat both structural discrimination and the State’s failure to protect vulnerable communities. Our project-based approach utilizes small teams of experts to identify specific structural discrimination policies, marshal resources and key partnerships, and provide strategic support with the aim of systematically tearing down these policies globally.

“Anytime you analyze these genocides or look at these incidents of mass violence, whether they be in India or Africa or even the U.S., the discrimination that was taking place underlying that violence has been happening for many years prior to that.” – Jaspreet Singh, ICAAD Co-Founder

“To address the complexity of structural discrimination often requires a holistic approach. ICAAD invokes international law, technology, and art, bringing in disparate voices, to combine those voices into one powerful movement that really addresses the most difficult of issues in society.” – Hansdeep Singh, ICAAD Co-Founder

“With ICAAD we do the research, you want to know not what the government says, but what the people say; then we want to see what the government’s responses is.” – Judge Marjory Fields, ICAAD Senior Advisor