Quotes about ICAAD recommendations from the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) NGO Summary:

“HRW and ICAAD recalled that France rejected recommendations during the previous UPR to repeal the 2004 ban on students wearing ostentatious religious symbols in public schools. They reiterated their objections to Law No. 2004-22, deeming it a violation to freedom of religion. ICAAD considered the disproportionate impact of the law on Muslim, Sikh and Jewish communities.”
“ICAAD recommended France to repeal Law No. 2004-2283 and to set up an Independent Commission to Monitor the Impact the Law had on Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish Children. ICAAD also considered that an analysis of data on minorities would allow France to tailor its laws and policies to empower its citizens rather than discriminating against them. ICAAD stressed that the key to a pluralistic society was to recognize that a one size fits all approach stood in contrast to valuing diversity.”

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